Bee Pollen for Weight Loss

Should you try bee pollen for weight loss? This post will tell you everything you need to know.

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen appears is yellowish or orange in color and comes in the form of small pellets or granules. Bees collect pollen because of its high nutritional value (high in 96 different nutrients, 40 different types of proteins, low in sodium and fat and also has rich amounts of oils, vitamins, minerals, 22 different types of amino acids, enzymes, hormones, globulins, polypeptides, peptones, nucleic acids and many other antibiotics).

Bee pollen provides all the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of bees. In addition to bees, it is also beneficial to humans by improving memory, energy and performance and also helps lose weight.

Bee Pollen for Weight Loss

Bee pollen possesses an incredible weight loss property that shows more and more positive weight loss results. Tell us how it helps to lose the extra weight from your body.

  • ⎫ It is an appetite suppressant that makes you feel full at the abdomen by reducing hunger.
  • ⎫ It has amino acids that helps increase the rate of metabolism by flushing and dissolving fat cells in the body which very effectively loses weight and fat level in your body.
  • ⎫ It contains lecithin which is responsible for the calorie burning properties of pollen. It also acts as a natural energizer that makes you active to participate in all your regular activities.
  • ⎫ It reduces caloric intake, prevents the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fat and decreases the deposition of fat in the body which ultimately leads to weight loss.
  • ⎫ It immediately absorbs fat from dietary fat, so 60% of this fat is eliminated from the body.

Any loss of fat is an intoxication proportional to the loss.

 If, for example, you lose two kilos of fat, it will pass into the bloodstream and be transformed into calories used by the body. All the toxins from this fat will find their way into the circulation.

These molecules result from the cooking of the fats and proteins that you have absorbed. In these toxins are also found all the fat-soluble pesticides that the body does not know how to reject and that the body fats eliminate by storing them.

Weight loss is then accompanied by significant oxidative stress, which only amplifies the stress of a change in physiological state. A too fast weight loss will induce stress on several levels (cellular, physiological and psychological), which jeopardizes the continuation of the “diet”.

Gradual reduction of overweight

  1. 1. Rebalancing

Pollen has always been and remains the richest food in micronutrients known. Moreover, it can be said to be “more than traditional”, since prehistoric man, as the aboriginal tribes still do today, ate the combs of bee’s whole with honey, pollen and royal jelly.

Pollen is the best way, due to its high content of vitamins, enzymes and minerals, to compensate for the deficiencies in the previous diet that caused the overload. Before starting a calorie-restricted diet, it is best to rebalance the way you eat.

Foods that contain only empty calories of micronutrients should be replaced by foods that are rich in them. Pads of chestnut pollen will be ideal to meet this basic requirement because there will be what scientists call a “matrix effect”, i.e. a very strong synergy effect between the different constituents.

  1. 2. Chestnut pollen pellets provide good fat management

After pollen supplementation, it was found that one individual had less internal fat. Several B-group vitamins are responsible for the metabolism of sugars and fats. Chestnut pollen balls are richly provided with these vitamins.

  1. 3. Chestnut pollen balls protect against the harmful effects of weight.

Being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as degeneration of the nervous system and the retina. All the antioxidants in chestnut pollen can only have a preventive role by the rebalancing of the diet it produces.

Even if the causes of the overload are not removed, reducing the risk at all makes it possible to better manage the stresses generated by this overload. Think of carotenoids, vitamin E and phytosterols which, in association, allow a better management of cholesterol. (Accumulation of different elements (fat, blood, fibrous tissue, calcareous deposits).

  1. 4. Chestnut pollen pellets reduce the stress of withdrawal.

To stop eating is to die. To eat less is to die a little. The very attitude of the person who is about to go on a “diet” is already very anxiety-provoking. Advising to consume fewer calories is something that can cause anxiety and even panic.

But advising at the same time to add balls of chestnut pollen to one’s diet is tantamount to providing care. It’s a kind of antidote to deprivation. It is, on the one hand, replacing quantity with quality and, on the other hand, instituting a ritual of self-care.

In addition to the psychological aspect, the balls of chestnut pollen bring a very pleasant euphoria, the vitamins of the group B having an impact on the nervous system. This helps to combat the stress of withdrawal.

The stress of withdrawal also causes physiological stress.

The liver contains several days of energy reserves. This energy is stored in the form of glycogen, which is transformed into glucose, and vice versa according to our needs.

Is it normal to be in “hypoglycemia” when we have several days or even weeks of reserves in the liver? 

Moreover, if you exercise, this hypoglycemia does not appear. The principle of consuming “slow” sugars in order to have energy that is gradually released so that we do not run out of it does not take into account the role of the liver.

In man’s ancestral food, cereals represented nothing or almost nothing, therefore no “slow” sugars. And yet our hunter-gatherer ancestors often had to provide energy in walking and hunting without failing because the meal was a quarter of an hour late.

The big difference between them and us is that their liver had a very strong reactivity and released the energy demanded by the body – this reactivity is dependent on hormones. This reactivity is dependent on hormones. It is promoted doubly by a diet rich in micronutrients and by exercise. It is precisely these two things that we need most in order for the liver to manage our body’s energy in a coherent way.

You will be surprised how easy it is to wait for breakfast if you sprinkle your omelets with chestnut pollen balls or if you simply combine pollen and fruit. This type of breakfast, after a few days, will have restored to your body an enzymatic reactivity of which the liver will be the first beneficiary. The disappearance of hypoglycemia will stop snacking and will allow you to arrive at lunch without having your stomach in your socks. 

Your eating instinct will be reborn, it will direct you towards foods rich in micronutrients, vegetables, nuts, etc…, and your weight will rebalance itself more easily.

How to use bee pollen for weight loss:

You can use one of the methods mentioned below to cope with prefect weight loss program. These are all natural methods that will not cause any side effects for you.

  • ¬ Take one teaspoon of bee pollen grains.
  • ¬ Sprinkle it all over your food and stir well.
  • ¬ Eat this food to get all the benefits of bee pollen, including weight loss.
  • ¬ Do this process regularly to get complete relief from being overweight and also to have a healthy immune system.
  • ¬ Or you can sprinkle these in your breakfast toast or cereal as it has an earthy flavor.

Bee pollen pills to lose weight:

There are different types of bee pollen for weight loss (pills or capsules) that are immediately available on the market today. But make sure that you follow these pills by consulting your health care provider or a doctor.

Always take this bee pollen supplement regularly with water that this water helps the bee pollen to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Take the recommended dose of your bee pollen pills or capsules every day. These pills or capsules should be purchased from most health food stores. But remember to read the instructions on the back of the bottle before you start taking these weight loss pills.

You will get all the benefits of the pollen granules while you are using these weight loss pills. Remember not to exceed the recommended dose and the correct process that you are doctor or as prescribed in the box follow. If you miss a dose today, then leave that one but avoid taking double dose tomorrow as this could cause another one of the health problems.

There is a lot of research conducted on bee pollen diet pill about their work on weight loss and all those specified as it is one of the most effective medications for weight loss.

These capsules go deep into the cells of the body, disturb and transfer fat and expel it out of the body. This improves the endocrine system and microcirculation and change in the thin body of body fat.